2020: the black swan of the century

A special year. A year to remember. A year to forget. A year not to repeat. 2020 surely is a black swan of the century.

The positive approach emphasizes to learn and evolve from the hard experiences to grow and develop. Realistic says don’t be fooled by pink glasses – shit happens all the time. Life always happens with a mix of emotions that grow in ourselves since we are born. Good, bad, important and thoughtful moments and experiences create our personality. What will we choose to do with the memories of 2020?

A year (not) to remember. And everyone will.

Be a better version of yourself. No matter the year or age. Do what you can’t.

Creating a story: hard to imagine, until you can see it

Storytelling, creative development, copywriting, name it – a buzzword of today’s business (not just marketing & communication). Do you feel lost because your product, service, or work you do doesn’t have a story to tell? Just google it!

Netflix/Social dilemma: it is our responsibility

If you work in social media, you couldn’t overlook Netflix documentary Social dilemma. How social media impact human behaviour and what we can do to change it? Have we ever really had control over media? Is that wrong that they earn money?

The end of over tourism?

When our role in nature changes from a local to a hiker or a tourist? Does it change when we cross the border of a country or a municipality? When a local becomes a tourist and when “just” a hiker? It is totally philosophical question, but with the over tourism era in parks and other natural heritage spots this question needs to be addressed to manage destinations which focus on nature as their main product.

To follow the mainstream or to be authentic? That is the question.

Get more likes, followers, fans and your communication will be successful. Is that true? Do you want to be popular like Donald Trump? Just hit another series of likeable and shareable videos and photos, add a popular quote and you are done!

Can rules and restrictions in national parks build premium touristic products?

No matter the continent, the first and the most important role of a national park is to protect pristine nature and its inhabitants which results in different forms of limitations and controlled visits.

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πŸ˜πŸ˜‡πŸ˜œ in communication: from emotions to emoticons

Back in days when I was learning by heart all the communication theories, emoticons were used just in MSN chats or mobile SMSs. Nowadays emoticons are common also in a business communication. Are we too playful and unprofessional if we use emoticons in business communication?

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Is there a difference between working for a NGO or a company?

First impression of working for a NGO is working for a good cause and working for a company to get paid. But in my opinion working for a good cause should be our personal mission 24/7, not just at work. So, where I see the differences between NGOs and companies when working with them?

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