The fear of travelling


Travel is my magic word. It doesn’t matter if I travel long or short distance or just in my mind. It is an act of moving your ass and mind!

Yesterday evening I spent with my dearest travelling friend. We don’t have a lot in common, but when it comes to travelling, we are soulmates. We can talk, laugh, also complain all night long and it wouldn’t be enough time to go through our wishes and experiences. One of the most often used words yesterday was “fear”. People are scared and they don’t trust if they don’t get European breakfast and if the process of buying a bus ticket is not the same as in their capital city.

But on another hand we want to explore, take great pictures with our fancy smartphone, Go Pro or smart watch and show our Facebook friends that we dare to live on the edge and enjoy the life. If you travel alone, you have a plenty of time to watch people around you: people of all ages, nationalities, abilities and all other characteristics speak the same language when they want to travel: have fun. But when you watch people at luggage drop off, you see everything else than fun. And the story repeats at border control, waiting for the bus at the airport, looking for (again European) lunch on a destination out of Europe.

Have you ever asked yourself do you really want to travel? Or is it just a habit of our society that we are “in” when we travel? Do you really want to eat European breakfast in the middle of Sahara and you think it is not funny when you share your sit on the bus with a hen and its chicken? And is it boring to eat bread for dinner for 2 weeks? The most memorable stories and useful lessons are based on experiences when we put ourselves out of comfort (and control) zone.

It is our own decision if we see different lifestyles and cultures as a new world for our minds or as a fear. You can travel a lot on a low budget and see much more than just waiting for your guide to show you where it is safe to go.

And the fear factor appears to everybody. To those who dare and others who never come close to the edge of a comfort zone. It is on you how you handle your fear. Will you give up or will you learn something new? Every fear brings new You and it is you who decide to take it as a new learning or you will run and hide in your “small world”.

It is not about the quantity of travelling, it is about a quality of the experiences. Those one that makes our long winter nights much shorter and our belly muscles to work even when we sit (and laugh as crazy).

Fear is OK, but use it as a power to move – in your mind and on the Earth. Let your travelling soul to move and not to complain that you don’t have enough ____________ (please fulfil it yourself with money, time, friends, power, experiences etc.). Just move!


Published by Vesna

Hey, I am Vesna. Marketing, events, digital campaigns have been driving my days for the last 15 years. The last 10 year I am a freelancer working on a wide-range of marketing, communication and digital campaigns in field of sports, social responsibility, environmental affairs and nature preservancy. I am a certified mountain bike guide (Cycling Association of Slovenia) and certified facilitator (The Slovenian Association of facilitators). Big part of my life is dedicated to explore nature with my best friend Ben, an irish setter who loves mountain biking more than cheese and the finest chunk of meat!

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