Magic ball for finding windy places

wind forecasts:,,,

Looking for wind could be quite a project. For sure the most common question among kiteboarders is: how many knots will be today? And following that question is another question: are you sure? I wrap up my most often used forecast websites and apps for a windy forecast. Of course, don’t miss the opportunity to ask locals for the most reliable source: next to digital sources it is always good to know experienced local kiteboarders or even better: fishermen are your key to your best windy forecast!

I use to check the forecast most often. It has great data sources for the most popular kiteboarding spots and you can check tide forecast as well. One of my favourite features of is email alert: when there are great conditions for kiteboarding on your chosen spot, you get notification by email. Most of the data are available for free, but for a really good price (yearly subscription costs 19 €) you get full access to all services.

Also available as an app on iTunes and Google Play. is my second favourite app for a windy forecast. I also use it often for checking yearly report for chosen spot when looking for kiteboarding holidays. It is great to have all data (wind forecast, temperature – air and sea) in one graph. I also like the map of all spots, because sometimes you don’t have an idea where to check and with the map shows you new ideas where to find the strongest wind 🙂 It also has basic forecasts for free and pro version app for 2 € (iTunes) and 2.39 € (Google Play).

The most beautiful app! I love it! Amazing view on Earth weather conditions and the most addictive app among all! I can’t stop playing around the world, checking wind, temperature, rain, waves, snow, pressure on different levels of altitude. If you click anywhere on Earth, you access to detailed forecast for chosen location. On the right side of the screen new window opens with meteogram, airgram and wind forecast. You can also see if the spot has a webcam. Wind forecast is available for 7 days. is a pro website for a different type of water users. First you have to register and then you can also access for free to many useful data. The graphs and tables with a detailed forecast of wind, waves, temperatures, rainfall and cloud cover. You have free access to forecasts for 7 days, upgraded accounts offer more detailed forecasts that include:  1 km wind maps, swell maps, isobar maps etc. is available as app on iTunes and Google Play.

What do you use?

Please, you are welcome to add your best wind forecast sites and apps. Different locations prefer different sources and I will be really happy to hear your experiences!

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