New Year’s resolutions: make your wishes big!

New Year time brings new wishes and blows away the dust from forgotten dreams. All month we think about NY’s resolutions. Some people even plan in details to make their life totally different from the first day of a new calendar. Just to be clear, I don’t hate NY’s resolutions, but c’mon: it is just a new page of a calendar!

I wish, I dream, I plan… and I delete, forget, lose wishes, dreams, plans. Not all of them, but many. Not on the first day of January, not always until the end of the month. Sometimes I do it in the middle of July, other time at the end of November. But I dream, wish and plan 365 days a year (yes, this year I will have a day more).

Anyway, I love the concept of New Year’s resolutions: it is the same time that passes between a day and a night as it passes between 30th and 31st December or 1st and 2nd January. But why no one cares about those days resolutions?

The herd instinct is probably one of the most important factors for so many NY’s resolutions. But why so many of them fail? These days it is impossible to ignore all advice, Facebook posts and ads on TV that you should make NY’s resolution to feel better. But the most important, they don’t tell you that you have to fight a lot with your inner demons. They advise you how to make it, what to do, how to achieve it. But there are your demons again coming with new ideas how to keep the (bad) habit.

The biggest inhibition is “I can’t” (and following with “because I don’t have ____________ (fill the gap with irrelevant excuses). There are several ways how to behave against those excuses and you are the only person who knows all hot buttons how to make things happen when your wish or desire is big enough.

So, make your wishes and dreams so important to you that you will fight for them no matter what. We give up only because we don’t think it is important. Be important to yourself and take the time to make your personal importance a habit. This is the best NY resolution for all New Years of your life!

Lots of kisses&hugs for every day of a new calendar! 😉

Published by Vesna

Hey, I am Vesna. Marketing, events, digital campaigns have been driving my days for the last 15 years. The last 10 year I am a freelancer working on a wide-range of marketing, communication and digital campaigns in field of sports, social responsibility, environmental affairs and nature preservancy. I am a certified mountain bike guide (Cycling Association of Slovenia) and certified facilitator (The Slovenian Association of facilitators). Big part of my life is dedicated to explore nature with my best friend Ben, an irish setter who loves mountain biking more than cheese and the finest chunk of meat!

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