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Sports marketing, sponsorships, digital marketing and communication, in general, have been part of my life for more than 15 years. I am a freelancer and none of my projects is the same: sometimes I plan and prepare strategies, in another second I bring water to the hostesses and other stuff at the sports event. And with another hand, I prepare posts for social media channels.

Multitasking in the organisation – planning or execution – is part of my daily life. I’ve been working in different sports – football, basketball, volleyball, equestrian, athletics, winter sports (alpine skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey) and adrenaline sports.

Digital marketing and communications are “a must” in today’s world. How to be authentic? How to not-pay-for-likes? There are many questions arising from this relatively new field of communication. In its roots nothing has changed: companies and organisations don’t just communicate or sell but they are more than ever part of a daily social life of their employees, business partners, clients, customers, neighbours, owners etc. It is not a question of being or not present in social media and having an appropriate digital footprint. We all are here in the digital world, we just need to manage our relations with people on a certain level.

Marketing communication activities include preparing strategies, plans and its execution: from creating campaigns, managing websites, preparing content for marketing communication (design, video and photo content) for companies, institutions, non-governmental organisations.

Sponsorship activation became my passion many years ago when most of the sponsors were still investing money in logo exposure. Todays sponsorships are a melting pot of different marketing communication activities and as my sponsorship guru, Lesa Ukman from IEG once said: “Marketing is about experimenting.” And sponsorship activation is part of marketing, sales and communication that dares to do unexpectedly.

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