Creating a story: hard to imagine, until you can see it

Storytelling, creative development, copywriting, name it – a buzzword of today’s business (not just marketing & communication). Do you feel lost because your product, service, or work you do doesn’t have a story to tell? Just google it!

Netflix/Social dilemma: it is our responsibility

If you work in social media, you couldn’t overlook Netflix documentary Social dilemma. How social media impact human behaviour and what we can do to change it? Have we ever really had control over media? Is that wrong that they earn money?

To follow the mainstream or to be authentic? That is the question.

Get more likes, followers, fans and your communication will be successful. Is that true? Do you want to be popular like Donald Trump? Just hit another series of likeable and shareable videos and photos, add a popular quote and you are done!

😍😇😜 in communication: from emotions to emoticons

Back in days when I was learning by heart all the communication theories, emoticons were used just in MSN chats or mobile SMSs. Nowadays emoticons are common also in a business communication. Are we too playful and unprofessional if we use emoticons in business communication?

Trans Julius: Mountain biking in the Julian Alps

Trans Julius is not just an event or a competition – at first it is the pure joy of amazing views which take breaths above the sunny sides of the Julian Alps! And the project of a small and motivated team that fulfill my f*ck budget every day!  

Adults already know ‘I can’t do that, that’s to hard for me’ and children are just like: ‘OK, we will try’

Bibian Mentel, first European female snowboarder invited to X-games and Paralympic games gold medalist. In-between she experienced a lot in life: on the point of qualifying for the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, a minor ankle injury proved to be bone cancer, leading to amputation of your lower leg. Today her Foundation helpsContinue reading “Adults already know ‘I can’t do that, that’s to hard for me’ and children are just like: ‘OK, we will try’”