2020: the black swan of the century

A special year. A year to remember. A year to forget. A year not to repeat. 2020 surely is a black swan of the century. The positive approach emphasizes to learn and evolve from the hard experiences to grow and develop. Realistic says don’t be fooled by pink glasses – shit happens all the time.Continue reading “2020: the black swan of the century”

Do what you can’t or what can you do?

Since I was born I’ve been listening to this statement in at least 5 languages. When you are a child, you simply act like you want to. You don’t think “is this a fight?” or “is this a rebellion?”. You just do what you CAN imagine in the moment. Then you grow up, as aContinue reading “Do what you can’t or what can you do?”

The search for freedom

The search for Freedom is one of the best movies/documentaries I’ve ever seen. It is not just about big & tricky jumps, but it is about the values and life attitude that sport gives you. It is a movie that you will listen as much dedicated as you will watch.

New Year’s resolutions: make your wishes big!

New Year time brings new wishes and blows away the dust from forgotten dreams. All month we think about NY’s resolutions. Some people even plan in details to make their life totally different from the first day of a new calendar. Just to be clear, I don’t hate NY’s resolutions, but c’mon: it is justContinue reading “New Year’s resolutions: make your wishes big!”