KITE smile

Many sports run through my life, but there is just the one and only which brings the most “true me” out of me. Does it sound strange? I know, it does. That special feeling of freedom when I feel the first pull on my harness, when I hear the sound of my kite facing the power of the wind and the smooth feeling of my board sliding on the water is a combination of how you can meet true me with a special smile – kite smile!

With kiteboarding, I discovered many beautiful places in the world, but there is one special country that has the most impact on my kiteboarding – Morocco. It will be always my windy home and I am really grateful for every moment I’ve spent there (or here, because in the moment of writing these words I am in Essaouira).

Kite smile express everything that kiteboarding means to me. I believe I can make other people more happy if I share my kite smile and that’s the reason I decided to pass IKO assistant instructor course and I am in the process of passing my IKO instructor level 1 exam. It is indescribable when you see people achieving a big or small step in learning kiteboarding and it is a pleasure and true gift that I can be part of that.

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