Trans Julius: Mountain biking in the Julian Alps

Trans Julius is not just an event or a competition – at first it is the pure joy of amazing views which take breaths above the sunny sides of the Julian Alps! And the project of a small and motivated team that fulfill my f*ck budget every day!


Do what you can’t or what can you do?

Since I was born I’ve been listening to this statement in at least 5 languages. When you are a child, you simply act like you want to. You don’t think “is this a fight?” or “is this a rebellion?”. You just do what you CAN imagine in the moment. Then you grow up, as a human you have a need to belong to and then you start adapting to different social groups – parents, friends, school system, sports standards, etc. And more time we are here on Earth, the more we are infected with the past and more overloaded about the future.Continue reading “Do what you can’t or what can you do?”

How to teach “an old dog” new tricks?

If you started reading this post to get tips&tricks to teach your dog, you are wrong 🙂 I got Ben 4 years ago and we started with individual obedience training, then with search training. Firstly just to have fun and later I thought that I can give something back to a community (but I was wrong 🙂 We’ve done basic agility training and different obedience seminars. Due to we have worked with many dog trainers and lately I’ve heard many dog owners to get comments like “It is not you the problem, it is ___________ (choose from: your dog, your breed, your left leg, your head, your jacket, your dog collar and leash, etc. 🙂 from their dog trainers, I decided to write about the topic that was my challenge for two years (and then I met my perfect dog trainers 🙂Continue reading “How to teach “an old dog” new tricks?”

The search for freedom

surfThe search for Freedom is one of the best movies/documentaries I’ve ever seen. It is not just about big & tricky jumps, but it is about the values and life attitude that sport gives you. It is a movie that you will listen as much dedicated as you will watch.

Continue reading “The search for freedom”

Morocco: the dreamland for kiteboarders

It is not a secret that I am a big fan of Dakhla. Maybe it is because I did my first kiteboarding steps there, or just because this amazing place always rewards me with great wind, amazing friends and magic atmosphere.Continue reading “Morocco: the dreamland for kiteboarders”

New Year’s resolutions: make your wishes big!

New Year time brings new wishes and blows away the dust from forgotten dreams. All month we think about NY’s resolutions. Some people even plan in details to make their life totally different from the first day of a new calendar. Just to be clear, I don’t hate NY’s resolutions, but c’mon: it is just a new page of a calendar!Continue reading “New Year’s resolutions: make your wishes big!”

Magic ball for finding windy places

wind forecasts:,,,

Looking for wind could be quite a project. For sure the most common question among kiteboarders is: how many knots will be today? And following that question is another question: are you sure? I wrap up my most often used forecast websites and apps for a windy forecast. Of course, don’t miss the opportunity to ask locals for the most reliable source: next to digital sources it is always good to know experienced local kiteboarders or even better: fishermen are your key to your best windy forecast!Continue reading “Magic ball for finding windy places”

It is not about the effect, but your mindset

Not so long time ago someone told me: Don’t complicate your life, it is complicated enough itself. So, my plan for the last three weeks was quite simple: get out of the comfort zone and do something new – without a special goal or reason.Continue reading “It is not about the effect, but your mindset”

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