Adults already know ‘I can’t do that, that’s to hard for me’ and children are just like: ‘OK, we will try’

Bibian MentelBibian Mentel, first European female snowboarder invited to X-games and Paralympic games gold medalist. In-between she experienced a lot in life: on the point of qualifying for the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, a minor ankle injury proved to be bone cancer, leading to amputation of your lower leg. Today her Foundation helps disabled children to enjoy life fully as their peers without disabilities. Just a 20 minutes interview with her was such an inspiring experience for me that I will remember it for the rest of my life.Continue reading “Adults already know ‘I can’t do that, that’s to hard for me’ and children are just like: ‘OK, we will try’”

All you need is to understand the concept of branding and audience

Lesa UkmanIt has been many years since IEG has become one of the most used sources of information about sponsorships for me. At this year’s IEG sponsorship conference in Chicago, I had a great opportunity to interview Lesa Ukman, the Chairman of IEG. Since the interview I believe there were only a few days that I haven’t thought about at least one of the quotes or inspirations she shared with me.Continue reading “All you need is to understand the concept of branding and audience”

10 tips & tricks on how to impress yet-to-be-sponsor

I spent last weekend with environmental NGOs from Balkan countries, Lithuania, Estonia etc. at “Let’s do it Balkans” conference. Together with my colleagues Brigita and Jure from media monitoring company Kliping we once again held our workshop How to impress yet-to-be-sponsor so he will listen to you. Here are 10 tips&tricks which represent basic tools that can help you improve your performance skills in the field of selling sponsorships.Continue reading “10 tips & tricks on how to impress yet-to-be-sponsor”

Dutch Sports Oscars winner bets on football

Bob van Oosterhout has been a serial winner in sports marketing. Although he has been awarded for his projects in sponsorships, sports marketing and sports business numerous times, he attracts everybody interested in sports business or marketing because he is still full of efficient, creative and inspiring ideas for better enjoyment of sports for fans and sponsors.Continue reading “Dutch Sports Oscars winner bets on football”

What can referees teach us about leadership and communication?

3rd Weekend media festival, placed in Rovinj, Croatia, brought a new topic to this relatively new festival in the Adriatic region. Therefore, I expected there would be more sports marketers and sponsorships managers from all the region, but there still mostly prevailed marketing, media and PR managers. Sport finally became part of the biggest media festival in the Adriatic region. It started with two very interesting speakers: creative director of CBS Sports Pete Radovich and former referee Pierluigi Collina.Continue reading “What can referees teach us about leadership and communication?”

Traditional vs. inventive sponsorships

Quite often we hear “We don’t like to say we sponsor, we rather prefer saying we have a tight partnership with a win-win relationship.” But has anybody ever said that a sponsorship is not about a win-win partnership?Continue reading “Traditional vs. inventive sponsorships”

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