We are Ben and Vesna


Old saying “One measure of friendship consists not in the number of words that friends can discuss, but in the number of words they need no longer mention.” perfectly points out the friendship between me and my Irish setter Ben.

Irish setter has been my favourite breed for many years, but it took me ages to get the right conditions and to find the best breeder Špela Likosar Sušnik from Slovenia on the world to have one. Me and Ben we both agreed at the beginning of our journey that we really can’t just go for a walk every day and need to find a greater purpose in our everyday life. So, after passing obedience exam, we started with search and rescue.

Although our search and rescue file is not full, we’ve experienced many things and especially with the breed of Irish setter I’ve learned a lot about what I want from our friendship in daily life or when working. Many obstacles and issues have shaped our character, but the biggest thanks for having what we have today goes to our search and rescue group (and all men members :)): clear understanding, powerful practice, exceptional motivation and unforgettable search and rescue training excursions.

With our growing Irish family, we share many experiences and I hope our story will encourage other owners of Irish setters to see beyond their beautiful coat, funny character and understand their superficial capriciousness as an uncommon way of thinking and take the advantage of it as we’ve done.

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